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critical infrastructure

White House: Use memory-safe programming languages to protect the nation

The White House is asking the technical community to switch to using memory-safe programming languages – such as Rust, Python, Swift, C#, Java, and Go – to prevent …

The old, not the new: Basic security issues still biggest threat to enterprises

In 2023, cybercriminals saw more opportunities to “log in” versus hack into corporate networks through valid accounts – making this tactic a preferred weapon for …

Matt Shelton
Rise in cyberwarfare tactics fueled by geopolitical tensions

In this Help Net Security interview, Matt Shelton, Head of Threat Research and Analysis at Google Cloud, discusses the latest Threat Horizons Report, which provides …

Hacking the flow: The consequences of compromised water systems

In this Help Net Security video, Andy Thompson, Offensive Cybersecurity Research Evangelist at CyberArk, discusses the dire consequences of hacking water systems and why their …

FBI disrupts Chinese botnet used for targeting US critical infrastructure

The FBI has disrupted the KV botnet, used by People’s Republic of China (PRC) state-sponsored hackers (aka “Volt Typhoon”) to target US-based critical …

Global critical infrastructure faces relentless cyber activity

In the last year, the world’s critical infrastructure – the medical, power, communications, waste, manufacturing, and transportation equipment that connects people and …

government cybersecurity
Government organizations’ readiness in the face of cyber threats

Cyber threats targeting government organizations have become increasingly sophisticated, posing significant risks to national security, public infrastructure, and sensitive …

Engineering-grade OT security
Review: Engineering-grade OT security: A manager’s guide

Andrew Ginter is a widely-read author on industrial security and a trusted advisor for industrial enterprises. He holds a BSc. in Applied Mathematics and an MSc. in Computer …

critical infrastructure
New insights into the global industrial cybersecurity landscape

In this Help Net Security video, William Noto, VP and Industry Principal for Claroty, discusses their recent global survey of 1,100 IT and OT security professionals who work …

Mike Regan
SCS 9001 2.0 reveals enhanced controls for global supply chains

In this Help Net Security interview, Mike Regan, VP of Business Performance at TIA, discusses SCS 9001 Release 2.0, a certifiable standard crafted to assist organizations in …

water critical infrastructure
CyberAv3ngers hit Unitronics PLCs at multiple US-based water facilities

Iran-affiliated attackers CyberAv3ngers continue to exploit vulnerable Unitronics programmable logic controllers (PLCs), US and Israeli authorities have said in a joint …

CISA urges water facilities to secure their Unitronics PLCs

News that Iran-affiliated attackers have taken over a programmable logic controller (PLC) at a water system facility in Pennsylvania has been followed by a public alert urging …

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