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Researchers develop tool that ensures secure sensitive data sharing

A data privacy tool has been developed to help ensure key datasets – such as those tracking COVID-19 – can be publicly shared with an extra layer of security for sensitive …

MatRiCT: A quantum-safe and privacy-preserving blockchain protocol

Researchers from CSIRO’s Data61 and the Monash Blockchain Technology Centre have developed the world’s most efficient blockchain protocol that is both secure against quantum …

New technique protects consumers from voice spoofing attacks

Researchers from CSIRO’s Data61 have developed a new technique to protect consumers from voice spoofing attacks. Fraudsters can record a person’s voice for voice …

Open source algorithms for network graph analysis help discover patterns in data

StellarGraph has launched a series of new algorithms for network graph analysis to help discover patterns in data, work with larger data sets and speed up performance while …

seL4 Foundation
seL4 creates open source foundation to enable more secure computing systems

CSIRO‘s Data61, the digital specialist arm of Australia’s national science agency, announced the creation of the seL4 Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, to …

Researchers develop a technique to vaccinate algorithms against adversarial attacks

A set of techniques to effectively vaccinate algorithms against adversarial attacks have been developed by researchers from CSIRO’s Data61. Algorithms …

Researchers devise RAMBleed attack to grab secret data from memory

Researchers have demonstrated a new variation of the Rowhammer attack: dubbed RAMBleed, it may allow attackers to read data stored inside the computer’s physical memory. …

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