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government-backed attacks

State-sponsored hackers know enterprise VPN appliances inside out

Suspected Chinese state-sponsored hackers leveraging Ivanti Connect Secure VPN flaws to breach a variety of organizations have demonstrated “a nuanced understanding of …

How are state-sponsored threat actors leveraging AI?

Microsoft and OpenAI have identified attempts by various state-affiliated threat actors to use large language models (LLMs) to enhance their cyber operations. Threat actors …

Chinese hackers breached Dutch Ministry of Defense

Chinese state-sponsored hackers have breached the Dutch Ministry of Defense (MOD) last year and deployed a new remote access trojan (RAT) malware to serve as a backdoor. …

Roundcube webmail zero-day exploited to spy on government entities (CVE-2023-5631)

The Winter Vivern APT group has been exploiting a zero-day vulnerability (CVE-2023-5631) in Roundcube webmail servers to spy on email communications of European governmental …

State-sponsored APTs are leveraging WinRAR bug

A number of government-backed APTs are exploiting CVE-2023-38831, a file extension spoofing vulnerability in WinRAR, a widely used file archiver utility for Windows. …

Microsoft Teams
Russian APT phished government employees via Microsoft Teams

An APT group linked to Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service has hit employees of several dozen global organizations with phishing attacks via Microsoft Teams, says …

North Korea
North Korean hackers targeted tech companies through JumpCloud and GitHub

North Korean state-sponsored hackers have been linked to two recent cyberattack campaigns: one involving a spear-phishing attack on JumpCloud and the other targeting tech …

Thanks Storm-0558! Microsoft to expand default access to cloud logs

Starting in September 2023, more federal government and commercial Microsoft customers will have access to expanded cloud logging capabilities at no additional charge, …

critical infrastructure
Five Eyes agencies detail how Chinese hackers breached US infrastructure

The National Security Agency (NSA) and Five Eyes partner agencies have identified indicators of compromise associated with a People’s Republic of China (PRC) state-sponsored …

snake, threat
Turla’s Snake malware network disrupted by Five Eyes’ authorities

The US Justice Department announced the completion of court-authorized operation MEDUSA, to disrupt a global peer-to-peer network of computers compromised by sophisticated …

3CX breach linked to previous supply chain compromise

Pieces of the 3CX supply chain compromise puzzle are starting to fall into place, though we’re still far away from seeing the complete picture. In the meantime, we now …

3CX compromise: More details about the breach, new PWA app released

3CX has released an interim report about Mandiant’s findings related to the compromise the company suffered last month, which resulted in a supply chain attack targeting …

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