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Wire fraud scams escalate in real estate deals

In this Help Net Security video, Tyler Adams, CEO at CertifID, illustrates how the real estate sector needs to invest significant effort in educating consumers and …

Cybercriminals get productivity boost with AI

While AI technology has the potential to streamline and automate processes for beneficial outcomes, it also comes with an equal number of risks to data protection, …

Digital nomads amplify identity fraud risks

The number of foreign document verification cases in all parts of the world has grown by an average of 21% since the summer of 2021, according to Regula. It’s even higher in …

Verification roadblocks cause frustration for digital nomads

Digital nomads are expressing the most frustration when interacting with organizations offering services in the United States, according to Regula. This revelation comes as a …

Digital ops and ops management security predictions for 2024

CISOs don’t need a crystal ball – they already know that 2024 will be another tough year, especially with AI at everyone’s mind. Instead of playing catch-up regarding …

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AI strengthens banking’s defense against fraud

Consumers are ready for the next wave of payment technology, including deployment of AI-driven biometrics to verify identity in digital-first account opening processes, …

Generative AI merges with intelligent malware, threat level rises

There has been a 44% increase in organized ID fraud in North America compared to preceding quarters, according to AU10TIX. This upsurge is believed to be driven by the ongoing …

Thorsten Hau
The misconceptions preventing wider adoption of digital signatures

In this Help Net Security interview, Thorsten Hau, CEO at fidentity, discusses the legal validity of qualified digital signatures, demonstrating their equivalence to …

Shaping the future of digital identity

Digital identity refers to the unique and electronically stored representation of an individual or entity’s personal information, characteristics, and attributes. It …

Beyond MFA: 3 steps to improve security and reduce customer authentication friction

For many people, life’s fundamental activities are now conducted online. We do our banking and shopping online, turn to the digital realm for entertainment and to access …

A new wave of sophisticated digital fraud hits Europe

Forced verification and deepfake cases multiply at alarming rates in the UK and continental Europe, according to Sumsub. In Germany alone, forced verification grew by 1500% as …

remote work
Digital nomads drive changes in identity verification

Over the past year, 4 in 5 financial companies had experienced an increase in the number of verification cases involving foreign documents, according to Regula.

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