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Attackers abuse OAuth apps to initiate large-scale cryptomining and spam campaigns

Attackers are compromising high-privilege Microsoft accounts and abusing OAuth applications to launch a variety of financially-motivated attacks. Abusing OAuth applications …

Microsoft introduces new access policies in Entra to boost MFA usage

As part of a broader initiative to strengthen security, Microsoft is rolling out Microsoft-managed Conditional Access policies in Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory) to …

Assess multi-cloud security with the open-source CNAPPgoat project

Ermetic released CNAPPgoat, an open-source project that allows organizations to test their cloud security skills, processes, tools, and posture in interactive sandbox …

Open-source penetration testing tool BloodHound CE released

SpecterOps released version 5.0 of BloodHound Community Edition (CE), a free and open-source penetration testing solution that maps attack paths in Microsoft Active Directory …

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