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MikroTik vulnerability could be used to hijack 900,000 routers (CVE-2023-30799)

A privilege escalation vulnerability (CVE-2023-30799) could allow attackers to commandeer up to 900,000 MikroTik routers, says VulnCheck researcher Jacob Baines. While …

Trickbot uses compromised MikroTik routers as C2 communication proxies

MikroTik routers are getting compromised to serve as communication proxies for Trickbot malware, to enable Trickbot-affected devices to communicate with their their C2 server …

MikroTik routers with default credentials can be easily compromised

If you own a MikroTik router and you haven’t updated its RouterOS in the last month, you should do so now: Tenable Research has released details about four …

Compromised MikroTik routers power extensive cryptojacking campaign

A massive cryptojacking campaign that relies on compromised MikroTik routers serves users with pages injected with the Coinhive mining script. It seems that the attacker …

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