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Movandi partners with Qualcomm to accelerate 5G mmWave deployments

Movandi announced that it has plans to collaborate with Qualcomm Technologies to expand the adoption of 5G mmWave deployment for indoor and outdoor scenarios. Both companies …

Movandi collaborates with Doosan Group to meet growing global demand for 5G mmWave connectivity

Movandi announced a partnership with Doosan Group to design and manufacture smart repeater modules based on Movandi’s BeamXR technology. Together, Movandi and Doosan are …

Five megatrends for 5G mmWave for 2022 and beyond

It’s been a tumultuous year for 5G as wireless carriers scrambled to deploy their networks at mid-band and increasingly millimeter-wave frequencies, and the trend will …

Movandi upgrades features for BeamXR-powered smart repeaters to accelerate mmWave coverage

Movandi announced new features and capabilities to Movandi BeamXR-powered smart repeaters. The upgrades build upon Movandi’s second generation 5G RF-to-antenna BeamX …

Movandi names William Ruehle as CFO

Movandi announced William (Bill) Ruehle has joined as its chief financial officer (CFO). Ruehle brings more than 40 years of experience driving strategy and business …

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