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Protecting against FraudGPT, ChatGPT’s evil twin

FraudGPT is the evil counterpart to ChatGPT. Criminals use it to target businesses with phishing emails and scams with speed and accuracy like never before. The AI can be …

Has Sony been hacked again?, a relatively new ransomware / cyber extortion group, claims to have hacked Sony and made off with valuable data. Sony allegedly hacked and its data held for …

Previous employees with access to corporate data remain a threat to businesses

Offboarding employees securely is a key problem for business leaders, with 40% concerned that employees who leave a company retain knowledge of passwords that grant access to …

Most employees reusing personal passwords to protect corporate data

Nearly two thirds of employees are using personal passwords to protect corporate data, and vice versa, with even more business leaders concerned about this very issue. …

How do I select an identity management solution for my business?

According to a recent survey, the pandemic-driven shift to remote work has significantly changed how companies are investing in identity and access management capabilities and …

PAM solution
How do I select a PAM solution for my business?

In order for organizations to prevent becoming the next victim of a breach due to unauthorized third-party user access, as has happened in prominent recent breaches, a strong …

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