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National Cyber Security Centre

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Russian hackers target unpatched JetBrains TeamCity servers

Russian state-sponsored hackers have been exploiting CVE-2023-42793 to target unpatched, internet-facing JetBrains TeamCity servers since September 2023, US, UK and Polish …

free ransomware guides
9 essential ransomware guides and checklists available for free

According to Fortinet, ransomware activity has intensified, registering an increase of 13 times compared to the beginning of 2023 in terms of all malware detections. The rise …

Defeating typosquatters: Staying ahead of phishing and digital fraud

It has become a mantra for businesses targeted by hackers to describe the incident as a “sophisticated cyber-attack”. Although true in some instances, the reality is that most …

Experts to help boards tackle cybersecurity threats

A consortium of UK cyber security experts including UCL academics is to support global businesses to tackle online threats and protect themselves from cybercrime. The Cyber …

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