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New infosec products of the week​: May 5, 2017

Inside threat detection and alerting from Code42 Code42 introducted Inside Threat Detection to its enterprise data protection and security platform. By generating proactive …

corporate cloud
Key cloud adoption trends and challenges for government entities

Cloud computing has become a trending topic for federal CIOs in the last few years, according to Netwrix. In response to the Obama administration’s cloud-first …

Insufficient security measures still hinder cloud adoption

Security and privacy of data and systems in the cloud remains a top worry for 70% of IT professionals worldwide, up from 63% in 2015, according to a new Cloud Security Survey …

Free tool for Active Directory changes monitoring

Netwrix Change Notifier for Active Directory tracks changes to Active Directory (AD) users, group memberships, OUs, permissions, and provides visibility into what’s happening …

Most are unable to control user activity in their IT infrastructure

A majority of organizations report that they lack visibility into their cloud infrastructure, file shares, user activity and mobile devices, greatly impacting data security …

Netwrix Auditor 8.0: Visibility into hybrid cloud IT infrastructures

Netwrix released Netwrix Auditor 8.0. The new version of the IT auditing platform simplifies detection of security threats and enables organizations to gain control over …

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