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Attackers are searching for online store backups in public folders. Can they find yours?

Too many online store administrators are storing private backups in public folders and exposing database passwords, secret API keys, administrator URLs and customer data to …

Fishpig Magento
Attackers mount Magento supply chain attack by compromising FishPig extensions

FishPig, a UK-based company developing extensions for the popular Magento open-source e-commerce platform, has announced that its paid software offerings have been injected …

online shop owned
Magecart Group 8 skimmed card info from 570+ online shops

Your payment card information got stolen but you don’t know how, when and where? Maybe you shopped on one of the 570 webshops compromised by the Keeper Magecart group …

online shop owned
Magecart attackers hit Claire’s, Intersport web shops

Magecart attackers have compromised web shops belonging to large retail chains Claire’s and Intersport and equipped them with payment card skimmers. Claire’s The …

Inside the plane
British Airways is facing £183 million fine for 2018 data breach

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) wants British Airways to pay a £183.39 million (nearly $230 million) fine for failing to protect personal and financial …

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