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EU Commission takes on challenge to improve the cybersecurity of wireless devices

The European Commission has taken action to improve the cybersecurity of wireless devices available on the European market. As mobile phones, smart watches, fitness trackers …

Apple fixes four zero-days under attack

A week after Apple patched a macOS zero-day exploited by Shlayer malware for months for months, the company has released new security updates for macOS, iOS, iPadOS and watch …

medical devices
Connected medical devices brought security loopholes mainstream

The increasing demand for self-health management, coupled with the digitalization of the modern healthcare ecosystem, translates into a medical connected devices market that …

Apple May 2019 security updates fix numerous issues

Another month, another batch of Apple security updates that users of the firm’s computers, phones, tablets, streaming devices and smart watches will be prompted to …

kids smartwatch
German government bans children’s smartwatches, tells parents to destroy them

The Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur), Germany’s regulatory agency for public utility companies, has categorized children’s smartwatches as spying …

Fisher-Price Smart Toy
Security flaws discovered in smart toys and kids’ watches

Rapid7 researchers have unearthed serious flaws in two Internet of Things devices: The Fisher-Price Smart Toy, a “stuffed animal” type of toy that can interact …

Your smartwatch can give away your payment card’s PIN code

Smartwatches can be a perfectly useful and handy wearable device for some users, but it’s good to keep in mind that using them might mean opening yourself to an …

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