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JetBrains TeamCity
Critical JetBrains TeamCity vulnerability could be exploited to launch supply chain attacks (CVE-2023-42793)

Software development firm JetBrains has fixed a critical vulnerability (CVE-2023-42793) in its TeamCity continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) solution, which …

Ineffective software delivery costing businesses up to $126 million per year

Businesses may be sacrificing up to $126 million in revenue per year due to ineffective software delivery, according to a CircleCI study. Surveying more than 2,000 business …

Software delivery maturity generating business benefits

Organizations with a high level of software delivery maturity are three times more likely to grow at 15 percent or more annually, according to Forrester Consulting. …

A look at enterprise network and application modernization efforts

80% of organizations are struggling to reach application delivery requirements with their existing infrastructure. But, amid pandemic concerns, efforts to modernize networks …

Despite investing in DevOps tools and practices, teams still encounter customer-impacting errors

An overwhelming majority of organizations prioritize software quality over speed, yet still experience customer-impacting issues regularly, according to OverOps. The report, …

O'Reilly DevOpsSec
Review: DevOpsSec

About the author Jim Bird, CTO of a major US-based institutional alternative trading system, has more than 20 years of experience in financial services technology, including …

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