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Switzerland under cyberattack

Swiss government websites are under DDoS attacks, but several ransomware gangs have also turned their sights on Swiss government organizations, cantonal governments, cities …

Crypto audit of Threema revealed many vulnerabilities

Researchers have discovered cryptographic vulnerabilities in Swiss-based secure messaging application Threema that may have allowed attackers to do things like break …

Data of 800,000 Swisscom customers compromised in breach

Swisscom, the biggest telecom company in Switzerland, has suffered a data breach that resulted in the compromise of personal data of some 800,000 customers, i.e., nearly ten …

Swiss users targeted with Windows, macOS banking Trojan

Swiss users are once again hit with emails delivering banking malware, for both Windows and macOS systems. Trend Micro researchers believe the campaign to have been mounted by …

Swiss voters approve new surveillance law

On Sunday, the Swiss populace voted in support for a new surveillance law that will give the Federal Intelligence Service (FIS) wider electronic surveillance powers to prevent …

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