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White House: Use memory-safe programming languages to protect the nation

The White House is asking the technical community to switch to using memory-safe programming languages – such as Rust, Python, Swift, C#, Java, and Go – to prevent …

Vulnerabilities in cryptographic libraries found through modern fuzzing

Recently patched vulnerabilities in MatrixSSL and wolfSSL, two open-source TLS/SSL implementations / libraries for embedded environments, have emphasized the great potential …

Trail of Bits iVerify: User-friendly iPhone security toolkit

Cybersecurity research and consulting firm Trail of Bits released iVerify, a user-friendly iPhone security toolkit, on the iOS App Store. iVerify makes it easy for users to …

GitHub Security Lab aims to make open source software more secure

GitHub, the world’s largest open source code repository and leading software development platform, has launched GitHub Security Lab. “Our team will lead by …

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