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Ransomware, then and now: The change in data theft behavior

The rising number of people working from home have left more businesses at risk from ransomware than ever before. Gaps in network security, shadow IT and a greater reliance on …

Identifying evasive threats hiding inside the network

There is no greater security risk to an organization than a threat actor that knows how to operate under the radar. Malicious insiders and external cybercriminals are getting …

Companies face regulatory fines and cybersecurity threats, still fail to protect sensitive data

22% of a company’s folders are accessible, on average, to every employee, according to the new report from the Varonis Data Lab, which analyzed more than 54 billion files. The …

Varonis Data Security Platform 7.0 released

Varonis Systems releases new features in version 7.0 of the Varonis Data Security Platform to help organizations protect their enterprise data from insider threats and …

How companies continue to expose sensitive data to threats

A new study from the Varonis Data Lab found that on average, 21% of a company’s folders were accessible to every employee, and 41% of companies had at least 1,000 sensitive …

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