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Attacks are rising in all vectors and types

DDoS, web application, bot, and other attacks have surged exponentially compared to the first half of 2019, according to CDNetworks. In particular, attacks on web applications …

Theory and practice of web application security efforts in organizations worldwide

75% of executives believe their organization scans all web applications for security vulnerabilities, while nearly 50% of security staff say they don’t, a Netsparker …

Broken glass
40% of security pros say half of cyberattacks bypass their WAF

There are growing concerns around the number of businesses vulnerable to cyberattacks due to hackers’ ability to bypass their Web Application Firewall (WAF), Neustar reveals. …

Google Security
Google unveils secure remote access service to unburden enterprise VPNs

Google has made available BeyondCorp Remote Access, a cloud-based, zero trust service that allows employees, contractors and partners to securely access specific corporate …

WordPress and Apache Struts weaponized vulnerabilities on the rise

Vulnerabilities in leading web and application frameworks, if exploited, can have devastating effects like the Equifax breach which affected 147 million people, according to …

Organizations dissatisfied with WAFs ineffective protection, time-consuming management, high cost

Only 40% of organizations are satisfied with their web application firewall (WAF), according to the Ponemon Institute report released by Cequence Security. The State of Web …

Georgia Tech
Georgia Tech data breach: 1.3M students and staff potentially affected

The Georgia Institute of Technology, commonly referred to as Georgia Tech, has suffered yet another data breach. This time, the number of affected individuals may have reached …

British Airways
Financial info of 380,000 British Airways customers stolen in site, app breach

British Airways has suffered a data breach and has confirmed that personal and financial details of some 380,000 customers have been compromised. About the breach “From …

Stethoscope spurs employees to implement better security practices

Every now and then, Netflix open sources some of the security tools created by its coders. The latest example of this is Stethoscope, a web application that collects …

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