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Privacy by Design: What it is and where to build it

People tend to think about privacy in terms of the individual, but it is also critically important for the proper functioning of any business organization. This is being made …

cloud computing
Cloud computing: Security and evolution

What we’ve seen in the past 15 years is cloud computing becoming increasingly popular. Many companies have focused plenty of resources in making cloud computing the most …

Oracle fixes 248 vulnerabilities in January patch update

Oracle has published their Critical Patch Update (CPU) for January 2016. The Oracle CPU is quarterly and addresses the flaws in large Oracle’s product line, including their …

Flaw allows malicious OpenSSH servers to steal users’ private SSH keys

Qualys researchers have discovered two vulnerabilities in the popular OpenSSH implementation of the secure shell protocol, one of which (CVE-2016-0777) could be exploited by …

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