ElcomSoft breaks Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome passwords

Elcomsoft Internet Password Breaker now retrieves cached passwords stored in a variety of email clients and Web browsers.

The new update adds Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Opera Web browsers to the list of supported applications in addition to already supported Microsoft Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Outlook, Windows Mail, and Windows Live Mail.

In addition, cached logins and passwords, pre-filled forms and AutoComplete information can be extracted from the browser cache or secure storage area.

Elcomsoft Internet Password Breaker makes it easier to migrate between supported Web browsers. The tool reminds users of some of their login and password information that may long be forgotten thanks to the convenience of using the cached forms.


  • Instant password recovery for a variety of applications
  • Supports all versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, including IE7 and IE8
  • Supports all versions of Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express
  • Supports Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail passwords
  • Instantly recovers passwords cached in Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera Web browsers
  • Reveals stored POP3, IMAP, SMTP and NNTP passwords for all supported applications
  • Recognizes and works around enhanced security model of Internet Explorer 7 and 8
  • Reveals Microsoft Passport information in Windows Live Mail
  • Retrieves Microsoft Outlook PST passwords
  • Recovers login and password information to a variety of resources.

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