SAINT Professional for Mac OS X released

SAINT Professional 7.6 introduces a native Mac OS X installer providing the industry’s first integrated security assessment tool for the Apple community with vulnerability scanning, penetration testing and security checklist compliance.

Mac security compliance professionals can now take full advantage of SAINT’s compliance checklists including templates for the following:

  • Payment Card Industry (PCI)
  • FDCC.

In addition to the native Apple installer as a dmg file, the 7.6 product release features penetration testing coverage for Cisco network devices, SAP, and a new web application exploit for SQL Authentication bypass.

The social engineering e-mail forgery template was enhanced to automatically determine the mail server of the targeted e-mail address.

New vulnerability scanning features also now include authentication support for SSH public keys and SMB signing.

A non-Windows Admin authentication field was added to identify what shares are open to a user or user group versus a domain admin account that can see everything.

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