Security concerns around “backdoor” mobile devices

Employee owned, “backdoor’ mobile devices entering the corporate network highlight ongoing security challenges with enterprise mobility, according to Mformation.

According to their survey, 76% of CIOs say employee-owned mobile devices are creating security headaches. 78% don’t even know what devices are connected to the corporate network.

Consequently, 77% of enterprises have no idea what data is on all of these devices. In fact, 1 in 3 aren’t able to track data on devices that they themselves issue to employees. More worryingly, in the likely event that a device is ever lost or stolen, only 56% of businesses are able to secure them.

Unlike traditional IT infrastructures, mobile platforms tend to be fragmented and are changing at a fast rate. This means that unique processes are required, even for standard management tasks such as security, software updates, device configuration and trouble shooting.

These processes must also be performed over-the-air, as the device is often off the corporate network and becomes costly to recall for everyday support issues. Point solutions do exist to address the problem, but have significant limitations in terms of cost, as large upfront CAPEX investments are needed as well as the ability to keep up to date with the latest devices.

In fact, 77% of CIOs say that unlike management of traditional computing devices that are on the network, limited time and budget, coupled with increasing complexity has led to a lack of maturity when it comes to managing mobile devices.

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