Android URL Filtering SDK: Secure Web browsing and compliance

Commtouch announced GlobalView URL Filtering for Mobile, which enables real-time protection for mobile device users browsing the Web.

GlobalView URL Filtering is comprised of a Software Development Kit that connects to the cloud-based GlobalView Network. Access to the resources available in the cloud enables the solution to index the sites mobile users actually visit, including dynamic Web 2.0 sites and hundreds of millions of others.

Mobile users benefit from the protection offered by GlobalView URL Filtering without compromising their browsing experience. The Commtouch SDK requires minimal resources, and an adjustable local cache categorizes the vast majority of visited URLs on the device, preventing annoying browser lag.

GlobalView URL Filtering is currently available for operating systems and environments that run a Java Virtual Machine such as Android. Commtouch anticipates adding support for other mobile operating systems such as iOS, QNX and other BlackBerry operating systems, and Windows Phone 7.

Vendors and carriers can leverage GlobalView URL Filtering for Mobile to offer:

Secure web browsing: Mobile users can be protected from phishing sites or sites that download viruses and malicious content.

Regulatory compliance: Organizations can limit their liability, improve productivity and comply with required standards by enforcing Web access policies.

Parental control: Young surfers can be protected from inappropriate Web content such as pornography, gambling, violence and hate sites.

These solutions can be deployed by smartphone, tablet and eBook manufacturers, mobile service providers, as well as Internet security and mobile application developers.

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