Mobile banking security for Android

Webroot has announced it is extending mobile security applications to its partners in banking in order to protect their customers who use tablets and smartphones to conduct mobile banking.

Leveraging its anti-malware and cloud-based URL scanning technologies, the company is now offering banking customers Webroot Mobile Security for Android to block threats and malicious applications, and to assess the safety of website links before a person clicks on them.

Mobile banking security features such as anti-malware, secure browsing, anti-phishing and application profiling will help prevent the theft of online credentials, and protect against mobile payment compromise. Device Locate and Wipe functions will also protect a customer’s personal information in the event a mobile device is lost or stolen.

Webroot Mobile Security for Android is quickly and easily installed on a mobile device, phone or tablet, and will silently protect the customer, not interfering with their normal use of the device.

The company plans to introduce mobile security applications for additional platforms later this year.

“Cyber criminals are aware of the opportunity presented by the increase in mobile banking and the relatively nascent adoption of security measures to protect mobile devices connecting to the Internet. We have already witnessed the first wave of threats targeting mobile banking customers including variants of the notorious banking trojan Zeus which has been adapted to attack in the mobile environment,” said Chad Bacher, vice president of Mobile Solutions for Webroot.

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