Tracking anomalies from multiple sources across the organization

Zettaset unveiled its new Security Data Warehouse (SDW), which enables users to track up to petabytes of business and security data for anomalies and other potentially threatening patterns across an organization’s entire data footprint.

It enables users to mine meaningful security information from numerous sources, such as firewalls, security devices, website traffic, business processes and other day-to-day transactions. Users are then able to track patterns of anomalies and visualize deficiencies via typical business intelligence tools, allowing them to make informed decisions to protect critical assets and processes.

The solution uses the Zettaset’s patent-pending data management solution – built on multiple high-volume open-source technologies such as Hadoop, Hive, Pig and Zookeeper — to enable users to mine petabytes of current business and security data as well as historical data spanning multiple years.

The platform was created to empower enterprises as well as small- and medium-sized businesses with the data management and business intelligence needed to deploy and scale the most sophisticated fraud-mitigation and forensic solutions easily and affordably.

To combat “spear phishing” and other sophisticated methods of hacking, the SDW arms risk management professionals with a platform that incorporates into their currently existing SEIM environment, or can be used as a stand alone data warehouse to store network events for compliance purposes.

“There isn’t a security professional that believes advanced persistent threats are simply one large act,” said Brian Christian, CEO of Zettaset. “Rather, they are multiple reconnaissance hits over a long period of time that allow the hackers to collect enough data to inflict significant harm. Other products on the market lack massive data mining capability, so users don’t discover what happened until it is too late. Zettaset’s Security Data Warehouse gives users the ability to visualize all of data they need when they need it.”

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