SplashID Enterprise: Centralized control of password administration

SplashData announced SplashID Enterprise 2.0, featuring updated Windows and Mac OS X clients, new mobile apps and a web-based application that enable enterprise users to easily access critical records while providing robust management and access control features to ensure IT security compliance.

SplashID Enterprise eliminates the most common password security challenges by bringing centralized administrative control of password and security polices across various departments and employee groups under a single umbrella.

The system enhances employee and IT productivity by ensuring that access is available whenever and wherever it’s needed, virtually eliminating forgotten password help desk requests and streamlining user credential management with an easy-to-use IT administrative control panel.

From a security standpoint, SplashID reduces the risk of data breach by providing multi-layer database security and customizable group-level and user-level permissions to ensure that each user has access only to those records that are required.

SplashData is now offering a 30-day free trial for unlimited users, along with a new simplified web-based licensing plan. These convenient features allow IT security admins to test drive the SplashID system and then easily purchase the right-sized license to meet their needs through the SplashData website or through authorized resellers.

SplashID Enterprise 2.0 includes several key features designed to meet the needs of large organizations, including:

  • A new downloadable mobile app for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices that enables users to securely access records from anywhere with their smartphone.
  • A web-based application for secure network access from any laptop or other remote computer via VPN without the need for an installed software client.
  • Integration with Microsoft Active Directory services that makes it easy for IT security administrators to import employee data records with an automated process to eliminate time-consuming manual entry and deletion of records.

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