Turn smartphones into mobile security systems

StreetSafe is a mobile personal security system that combines wireless networks with GPS technologies and a safety network and database.

“StreetSafe is accessible through smart phones and allows people to take charge of their own personal safety and walk with confidence, not fear,” said Thomas Rissman, CEO StreetSafe. “StreetSafe fills in the gaps in today’s safety services. Using GPS technology we can instantly pin-point the subscriber’s phone within three meters. Combine this with the subscriber profile we have on file and law enforcement has everything they need to respond quickly.”

The StreetSafe service offers two primary features, a silent alarm and a unique “Walk with Me” service.

Silent Alarm (Red Button)

  • If an emergency situation arises, and the subscriber cannot communicate the location and situation to 911 themselves, he or she can discretely slide the red button, and the police will be immediately dispatched to the subscriber’s location.
  • No further action is required from the subscriber.
  • Vital information, including the user’s name, age, physical description and medical conditions, is transmitted to local 911.

“Walk with Meâ„?” Service (Green button)

  • Slide the green button and the subscriber will be connected to a live Safety Advisor
  • “Walk with Me” is the only service that offers a live, specially trained Safety Advisor to talk to until the subscriber reaches the destination safely.
  • Subscribers can contact StreetSafe before they leave their location, and not wait for an uncomfortable situation to arise.
  • While on the phone, the Safety Advisor will offer safety tips and keep the caller focused, aware of the surroundings and alert to potential dangers.
  • Should a subscriber feel a situation is escalating or needs immediate help, the Safety Advisor will alert the police and dispatch them to the subscriber’s exact location./li>

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