Microsoft SharePoint 2010: Deploying Cloud-Based Solutions

Take your Microsoft SharePoint solutions to the cloud and gain scalability and high availability while helping to lower your operational costs.

Led by a SharePoint expert, you’ll learn hands-on how to customize and maintain SharePoint cloud solutions.

You also get practical advice for migrating business solutions either to Microsoft SharePoint Online or to a private cloud, using your own data center.

This is a guide for IT professionals, architects, and decision makers.

Extend the reach of your SharePoint solutions – in the cloud:

  • Evaluate the ROI for using a public, private, or hybrid cloud solution
  • Build public cloud solutions on either a shared or dedicated server
  • Use Microsoft Office 365 for email, messaging, document authoring, and more
  • Customize SharePoint Online using sandboxed solutions and SharePoint Designer
  • Control identity management and authentication with Windows PowerShell
  • Deploy SharePoint in a private cloud with Hyper-V and Microsoft System Center
  • Improve private cloud automation, availability, and data isolation with multi-tenancy.


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