Protect sensitive data on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux

CoSoSys released EasyLock 2, their portable data protection solution. The enhanced new version offers full support for cross platform encryption between Windows, Mac OS X and Linux openSUSE and Ubuntu.

It provides military-grade protection for data stored on USB flash drives and other portable storage devices through its 256bit AES encryption (CBC-mode). It also allows cross platform mobility by enabling users to protect their files when in transit and to easily access them on different operating systems.

All these functionalities are available through the new and improved user interface, which focuses on ease of use and intuitive options.

“The new version of EasyLock makes moving data around much easier. Even better, it gives users flexibility to encrypt and decrypt their data on different operating systems, not possible before in such an easy way. It basically turns a seemingly complicated encryption task into a natural process, no longer making it an inconvenient burden,” said Roman Foeckl, CoSoSys CEO. “Most importantly, in this fast-paced world, where thousands of portable devices are lost or stolen on a daily basis, EasyLock 2 will make sure that the stored data is always kept safe”.

EasyLock 2 is the perfect solution for both home users that want to encrypt their private files, pictures or other personal information on a USB Flash Drive or external HDD and move them between a Windows PC in the office and a Mac at home, and for business users that need to ensure the privacy and protection of company and client confidential data.

As a security bonus for the business segment, EasyLock 2 provides enforced encryption of data moved between endpoints of the corporate network when used together with the device control and data loss prevention solution Endpoint Protector.

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