CCloud: Backup and sharing for Windows and Android

Comodo released a new edition of CCloud, a Windows client and a new CCloud app for Android.

The Windows client now allows users to select the local drive letter that accesses their CCloud folders, and a new interface lets them review and change all folders being synchronized with CCloud. When direct Internet access isn’t available, a web proxy can be used to connect with CCloud instead.

CCloud’s new app for Android gives users direct access to all their files stored in CCloud folders. Android users can easily find files by category – docs, images, music, and videos – or with a custom search.

The CCloud Android app also makes it possible for users to upload files from their Android devices for safekeeping or sharing with CCloud. Users can also copy their devices’ contact information to CCloud.

Key features of these new CCloud offerings include:

Flexible synchronization – users can access a default Sync folder or simply choose selected folders to be synchronized with their CCloud account;

Local drive mounts – CCloud enables users to treat their Comodo Cloud account like a local hard drive;

DropZone – this convenient desktop object that appears whenever needed allows users to “drag and drop” files, graphics, text, and bookmarks which the DropZone then uploads in the background.

Mobile app access – the Android app gives users direct access to all CCloud files;

Web access – Users can upload, download, share, and stream media through the Comodo Cloud web interface when they do not have the CCloud Windows or Android app available;

Comodo Backup integration – in addition to providing client-controlled encryption, compression, and incremental backups, Comodo Backup can easily use CCloud to store backup archives;

Secure access and storage – security is ensured by using TLS with AES-256 encryption when transmiting data, the CCloud servers also use AES-256 for encryption when storing the data.

Comodo Cloud with 5GB of online storage is free. CCloud with 250GB is priced at $9.99/month or $99.99/year, and 1000GB version is priced at $19.99/Month or $199.99/Year.

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