Android Cookbook

“Android has gone from zero to one of the leading mobile platforms in a few years,” explains author Ian Darwin, who crowdsourced many of the 200 “recipes” in this new cookbook.

“Android will continue to grow,” Darwin continues, “since now even BlackBerry accepts Android apps into their App World store, giving Android developers two platforms for the price of one. There is a lot to learn when moving to Android, and a book that contributes the experience of dozens of developers will help you get there.”

If you’re ready to jump in and build a working Android app, Android Cookbook has all of the practical recipes you need to get the job done. You’ll work with the user interface, multitouch, location-aware apps, web services, device features—such as the camera, accelerometer, and GPS—and a lot more, including steps to package your app for sale in the Android Market.

Packed with solutions contributed by the Android community, Android Cookbook is ideal for developers experienced with Android and other mobile platforms, as well Java programmers ready to use their skills in mobile app development. You’ll find hundreds of tested recipes that you can put to use immediately. Simply put, if this book doesn’t show you how to do it, then you probably don’t need it.

  • Get guidelines and recipes for designing a successful Android app
  • Work with UI controls, effective layouts, and graphical elements
  • Create pinch screen gestures and views for horizontal and vertical orientation
  • Build multimedia apps with audio, video, and more
  • Focus on networked applications, as well as SMS- and cloud-based apps
  • Build web services, such as selling books via Amazon, or buying and selling on eBay
  • Create location-aware apps to find landmarks and resident services.
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