Security Metrics, A Beginner’s Guide

Learn how to communicate the value of an information security program, enable investment planning and decision making, and drive necessary change to improve the security of your organization.

Security Metrics: A Beginner’s Guide explains, step by step, how to develop and implement a successful security metrics program.

This practical resource covers project management, communication, analytics tools, identifying targets, defining objectives, obtaining stakeholder buy-in, metrics automation, data quality, and resourcing. You’ll also get details on cloud-based security metrics and process improvement. Templates, checklists, and examples give you the hands-on help you need to get started right away.

This book features:

  • Lingo – Common security terms defined so that you’re in the know on the job
  • IMHO – Frank and relevant opinions based on the author’s years of industry experience
  • Budget Note – Tips for getting security technologies and processes into your organization’s budget
  • In Actual Practice – Exceptions to the rules of security explained in real-world contexts
  • Your Plan – Customizable checklists you can use on the job now
  • Into Action – Tips on how, why, and when to apply new skills and techniques at work.
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