Facebook Developer World HACK 2012 announced

Facebook announced the Facebook Developer World HACK 2012, a series of events hosted around the world throughout August and September.

Facebook Developer HACKs are day-long coding events where developers are given time to work on new social apps, solo or in groups, with Facebook engineers on hand to support and answer questions.

The events are open to programmers of all types, regardless of whether you’ve developed with Facebook before or not.

HACK participants are welcome to arrive with teams already formed, or can plan on meeting other developers day-of and discussing ideas. You can join in the morning sessions or hack all day.

Each day begins with a series of technical sessions designed to get you working with Facebook. Topics that will be covered include: iOS, Android, Open Graph, the mobile web, and more.

Every city will feature an eight hour competition where attendees will get to demonstrate their skills, with hands-on help from Facebook engineers. The best team from every continent will also win a trip to San Francisco, to visit the Facebook campus.

Events will take place in 12 cities:

  • Austin, USA – August 23
  • Mexico City, Mexico – August 27
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina – August 29
  • São Paulo, Brazil – August 31
  • Berlin, Germany – September 11
  • Taipei, Taiwan – September 11
  • Jakarta, Indonesia – September 13
  • Bangalore, India – September 17
  • Barcelona, Spain – September 18
  • Vancouver, Canada – September 20
  • Warsaw, Poland — September 28
  • Moscow, Russia – October 1.

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