McAfee launches security service with facial and voice recognition

McAfee announced McAfee LiveSafe, an unlimited cross-device security service that uses facial and voice recognition technology to protect users’ digital lives. The service will be offered at an introductory price of $19.99 with the purchase of selected new PCs or tablets.

A recent global survey conducted by McAfee revealed that more than 40 percent of households own five or more Internet-enabled devices, which contributes significantly to a user’s risk of exposure to online threats.

McAfee LiveSafe service delivers a comprehensive approach to security, while providing consumers with a simple Web-based dashboard to centrally manage security on all of their PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets.

To increase the level of consumer security, McAfee LiveSafe service also includes a cloud-based “safety deposit box,” called “McAfee Personal Locker,” that uses facial and voice recognition to authenticate a user’s identity so that they can securely store sensitive, personal information such as financial records, drivers licenses and passports. It also allows users to easily and securely manage their passwords and automatically log into all their online accounts from any of their devices.

“Our digital lives have become more complex as we connect, share, and store data though multiple devices,” said Mike DeCesare, president of McAfee. “Consumers deserve a convenient way to protect their identities no matter what type of device they use. The McAfee LiveSafe service delivers this through cutting-edge features combined with simplified security management and unprecedented data protection.”

According to the McAfee survey, nearly 90 percent of consumers around the world report owning more than one digital device, and more than 60 percent have three or more devices. The survey also revealed that globally more than 50 percent of consumers spend at least 15 hours a week, or two hours a day, using their devices for personal reasons.

In the U.S., consumers put a high price tag on the digital assets stored within their devices, saying that they are worth nearly $30,000. U.S. Consumers also cited that personal memories such as photos and video files are the most valuable of all their digital assets and that when it comes to security, identity theft is their top concern.

Key features and benefits:

  • Provides complete, unlimited device security for PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets against the latest viruses, malware, and spam along with a host of other protections.
  • An intuitive cloud-based “safety deposit box”—Personal Locker—allows users to store their most sensitive documents, including financial records, copies of IDs and passports, or anything else that is personal and private, in a convenient, ultra-safe online location. Users access their documents through biometric authentication – using voice, face and device recognition technologies.
  • Simplified password management securely stores usernames and passwords, and logs in users with one click.
  • Protects users’ personal information by allowing them to locate, lock and wipe devices in the event they are lost or stolen without compromising the privacy of the data.
  • Provides users with instant answers to security, cybercrime and online threat related questions.

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