Kaspersky Lab launches solution for multi-device security

Kaspersky Lab announced Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device, a new security product that provides a way for customers to secure their Internet activity across multiple devices, all through a single purchase and single license.

The software includes protection for PCs, Macs, and Android smartphones and tablets in a single product. Customers can install the device-specific technologies on any combination of PCs, Macs, and Android smartphones and tablets, with the option to move the protection from one device to another as customers purchase new devices.

Key Android security features:

  • Real-time protection against mobile malware, including automatic scanning of downloaded programs to prevent the installation of rouge applications masquerading as legitimate ones
  • Web browsing protection to ensure customers don’t click on malicious websites or phishing links designed to steal personal information
  • Anti-theft features, which allow customers to locate missing devices using GPS and cellular signals. Customers can also remotely lock devices, wipe data, turn on the alarm feature, and activate the device’s camera to automatically take pictures of whoever currently possesses it
  • Call and text-message filtering to block spam and unwanted phone calls.

Key Mac security features:

  • Full protection from all malware threats, including Mac-specific malware, and all PC-targeting malware that can be stored on Macs and inadvertently transferred to PCs
  • Advanced Parental Controls to ensure children use the Internet safely and responsibly
  • On-screen Virtual Keyboard, providing an extra layer of protection from keylogging malware when entering personal information online.

Key PC security features:

  • Improved Safe Money proactive protection against financial-theft, which includes support for more Web browsers, and a significantly expanded list of trusted online banking sites, payment services, and online stores.
  • Protection specifically for social networks, like malicious URLs that spread on Facebook and Twitter
  • Further protection from emerging threats through the improved Automatic Exploit Prevention technology, which ensures vulnerabilities within programs won’t lead to your PC being compromised
  • New tools to defeat malware that locks a computer and demands ransom to return control of the owner’s data
  • Parental Controls to block objectionable content, limit the amount of time spent online, and automatically prevent children from sharing private information- credit card numbers, phone numbers, home addresses – on social networks.

Christopher Christiansen, Vice President, IDC Security Products and Services comments: “As household devices proliferate with mobile devices joining PCs, there are two problems. First, there is the rapidly expanding mobile threat landscape. Second, there is the management problem of keeping all the devices protected while simplifying installation, update, and licensing. However, the complexity of managing multiple security products for PCs versus smartphones and tablets causes people to do nothing. This places them at risk and makes managing a multi-device household a recurring nightmare. The solution is adopting a single solution that secures most or all of the household’s devices. Solutions like Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device are a forward-thinking step from Kaspersky Lab about how to simplify the process of protecting a household of devices.”

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