ThreatMarket: The world’s first security search engine

SecurityScorecard is previewing the world’s first security search engine, ThreatMarket, at Black Hat USA 2016.

Comprised of patented and proprietary technology, ThreatMarket is a cloud-based platform that collects and correlates terabytes of security-risk indicators from around the world.

Through continuous, non-intrusive monitoring of security data, ThreatMarket offers real-time global security intelligence to support incident and breach response, organizational security monitoring, device and software misconfiguration or exposure, and the enhancement of security audits. Simple restful APIs make integration into other platforms, and instant data mining of vulnerabilities for any organization, convenient and easy.

The technology uses sensors to analyze end-points, content management systems, anonymous posting services, and hacker chatter forums, in addition to custom built sinkhole infrastructures that track malware infections and behaviors across the world. An advanced collection of strategically deployed honeypots add to the massive amount of valuable information collected.

ThreatMarket also powers the SecurityScorecard rating platform, which enables organizations to gain operational command of their third party risk, with visibility into the security posture of their extended network of vendors. With recently awarded patents for their collection and calculation methodology, company IP mapping, and a distinct online portal with a searchable user interface for security risk reduction and improvement, the company provides the most accurate ratings.

Alex Heid, Chief Research Officer at SecurityScorecard explains, “what makes ThreatMarket so unique, is the ability to globally search for vulnerabilities across over 20 risk vectors with little effort. It allows security professionals to research specific hardware and software products, domains, IP addresses, ports, leaked information, malware sources, typosquats, improper server configurations, and more. Currently, no other product comes close to ThreatMarket in its ability to uncover security issues across so many areas of risk.”

“ThreatMarket provides a unique outside-in perspective that non-intrusively uncovers millions of vulnerability data points on every organization across the entire internet,” says Heid.

Black Hat USA 2016

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