Email and IoT security issues persist

New AT&T research shows many businesses are not effectively protecting their data. As more organizations adopt cloud architectures, traditional security protections aren’t enough.

email iot security issues

It is critical that businesses continue to evolve their security practices with the latest technologies and embrace newer cybersecurity solutions that can help protect information at rest or in motion, and within the cloud.

New cyberthreats emerge every day. Yet, 50% of businesses surveyed have not changed their cybersecurity protections in over 3 years. Seemingly simple threats like email spam or phishing have become a major threat to businesses.

Email and IoT woes

AT&T blocks 75% of email traffic transmitted across its network every day due to suspicious content. That equates to 400 million spam messages each day.

These numbers are only growing. In the first half of 2016, AT&T saw a 400% increase in attackers searching for vulnerabilities in IoT devices. This type of increased activity in 2016 resulted in a series of major IoT-centric attacks on two Internet service providers.

email iot security issues

How businesses can protect themselves

AT&T outlines steps businesses can take to help protect themselves. Consider these tactics:

Update Identity and Access Management systems. The latest technologies can restrict device use to only approved users. Software-defined networking perimeters can also help prevent malicious actors from accessing proprietary information.

Implement threat analytics. Threat analytics systems scan overall network activity to flag behavioral changes like a spike in data traffic or a new user on the system to help identify new emerging threats.

Move to virtualized security functions. Software-defined networking (SDN) means that security can be deployed and updated in near real-time over software systems. SDN helps protect information stored in the cloud or on premise.

Create an incident response team. A plan and team are crucial to handling a possible security issue. Quick response is essential to mitigating and reducing the impact a cyberattack could have on your business.

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