New infosec products of the week​: August 17, 2018

Alkemist: Harden vulnerable embedded systems and devices

RunSafe Security announced the availability of Alkemist, a proprietary self-service technology built to reduce vulnerabilities and deny malware the uniformity needed to execute. Alkemist uses deployable software binary runtime application self-protection (RASP) methods to reduce risk by precluding exploits from spreading across multiple devices and networks.

new infosec products august 2018

F5 simplifies network functions virtualization for service providers

With F5, organizations can take advantage of the lifecycle management of VNF services, unlocking scale and automation for newly virtualized networks without complexity. This approach is fit for mobile operators and service providers looking to software-based infrastructures as part of their network evolution.

new infosec products august 2018

AppViewX 12.4 takes low-code network automation to the next level

With the new version of the platform, NetOps and SecOps teams can leverage low-code automation on an enterprise-ready platform. The AppViewX 12.4 release will include more pre-packaged automation workflows and elements to enable service delivery.

new infosec products august 2018

SnapLogic accelerates SDLC with new DevOps and automation capabilities

SnapLogic announced DevOps and automation capabilities, including new integration with GitHub and support for Mesosphere to automate elements of continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD). These new enhancements to the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud provide the company’s customer base with self-service application and data integration to streamline and accelerate the software development lifecycle.

new infosec products august 2018

Trend Micro launches product to protect telecom networks serving business and home users

The newly available product, named the Trend Micro Virtual Network Function Suite is a virtualized set of network functions that sits on the carrier network applying URL filtering, application control, intrusion prevention and IoT reputation. Service providers are now enabled to offer protection for IoT, business and home users.

new infosec products august 2018

Ixia delivers visibility into all traffic in virtual workloads in private cloud environments

Ixia CloudLens, with the new Cloud Sensor vTap, is a visibility solution for virtual network traffic in private clouds, offering customers visibility into their east/west network traffic in environments where the administrator has no access — to virtually tap (vTap) or capture, filter and forward a copy network traffic directly to either tools or a network packet broker.

new infosec products august 2018

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