New infosec products of the week​: September 21, 2018

Symantec makes elections more secure with free service to ‘spoof proof’ candidates websites

Attracting users to fake websites that contain differences from legitimate websites, is a technique that cyber criminals use to gather personal information, such as birth dates, email addresses, and voting preferences. Symantec announced the availability of a free service, powered by Symantec’s artificial intelligence technology, that political candidates and campaigns can use to test the security and authenticity of their websites.

infosec products week September 2018

XebiaLabs extends Jenkins for all DevOps teams and tools

Adding to XebiaLabs’ enterprise DevOps platform for Release Orchestration, Deployment Automation, and DevOps Intelligence, the XebiaLabs DevOps Pack for Jenkins provides everything enterprise DevOps teams need to make Jenkins pipelines an integrated part of their software delivery pipelines. As a result, Jenkins pipeline data is available to—and usable by—all types of team members involved in getting software from code to production.

infosec products week September 2018

Gemalto and R3 pilot blockchain technology to put users in control of their Digital ID

Who are you, and can you prove it? The new Gemalto Trust ID Network enables users to give digital service providers verified and secured answers to these questions. By creating and managing their own ‘Self-Sovereign’ Digital ID, users can enroll with a host of different digital banking, eCommerce and eGovernment services, without having to go through repeated due diligence processes for each of them. This distributed approach to Digital ID management enables service providers to leverage identities certified by trusted parties whilst putting users in control of their data.

infosec products week September 2018

ManageEngine strengthens endpoint security with the launch of Browser Security Plus

ManageEngine announced its launch of Browser Security Plus, a browser management solution that helps organizations secure their corporate data in the cloud and protect their networks from web-based cyberattacks. Available immediately, Browser Security Plus provides organizations with a layer of management capabilities for browsers and their add-ons to maintain enterprise security. This allows enterprises to improve network health by preventing, detecting and fixing any browser vulnerabilities.

infosec products week September 2018

BestCrypt Volume Encryption 4 released

Jetico has announced a new version of its disk encryption. BestCrypt Volume Encryption 4 now delivers a smoother interface and faster performance to encrypt hard drives. For over 20 years, Jetico serves customers with BestCrypt data encryption software, an alternative to native OS encryption. It delivers compliance with regulations, such as HIPAA and GDPR, as well as privacy for personal data at home.

infosec products week September 2018

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