Week in review: The art and science of password hashing, cybersecurity crisis comms

Here’s an overview of some of last week’s most interesting news, articles and podcasts:

Bringing more talented individuals into the security industry
In this interview, Tony Vizza, Director of Cybersecurity Advocacy, Asia-Pacific, (ISC)2, talks about the growing information security skills shortage, the importance of education, and the upcoming gathering of industry leaders at (ISC)2 Security Congress in Orlando, Florida.

Annual spend on Mobile Edge Computing will reach $11.2 billion by 2024
Total annual spend on Mobile Edge Computing (the collection and analysis of data at the source of generation, at the Edge of the network, instead of a centralised location such as the cloud), will reach $11.2 billion by 2024, according to Juniper Research.

How the healthcare industry can improve online trust
Privacy on the internet is important in all industries, but none more so than the healthcare sector, which handles mass amounts of online health data daily. While any data loss (financial, identification, passwords, etc.) is significant, it can be particularly wrenching to think of one’s personal medical details floating in the cloud, accessible to anyone with the right capabilities.

What is and what is not working for security operations teams in securing cloud data
Security professionals continue to face a number of major challenges as more organizations move legacy IT operations to cloud infrastructure and applications, and traditional security tools often fall short, according to Delta Risk.

Business security in the age of malicious bots
As most technologies, bots can be used for good and bad purposes, and the information security industry is doing its best to minimize the adverse effects of the latter activities.

Priorities IT pros follow to ensure ingrained privacy and compliance
Products that help businesses discover and map data flows top the list of purchase plans and the privacy team is playing a larger role in privacy tech purchasing decisions as organizations navigate a complex field of regulations, according to TrustArc and International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).

Cybersecurity crisis communication: How to do it well
Riviera Beach is one of the several cities and towns in Florida which have recently been hit with ransomware. Its local government, like that of Lake City before it, decided to pay the ransom demanded by the attackers to get their files decrypted.

Trust dimensions in zero trust security
The increasing sophistication of cyberattacks and subsequent costs associated with containment and remediation has brought about an evolution in the security industry. Enterprises are now beginning to realize that trust is a precious commodity and one of the best ways to preserve it is by taking a zero trust approach.

To remain competitive, businesses need strategic digital transformation
With no international alignment on how to regulate the digital environment, companies are managing an increasingly complicated set of conflicting rules in key markets.

The art and science of password hashing
The recent FlipBoard breach shines a spotlight again on password security and the need for organizations to be more vigilant. Password storage is a critical area where companies must take steps to ensure they don’t leave themselves and their customer data vulnerable.

Eliminating fragmentation unlocks opportunities to realize the promise of the cloud
A major expectation gap exists between what IT managers hoped the public cloud would deliver for their organizations and what has actually transpired, a Cohesity survey of 900 senior IT decision makers reveals.

Disaster recovery readiness is essential for hybrid and multi-cloud strategies
Disaster recovery capability is a key factor in implementing hybrid and multi-cloud strategy, a new Teradici study reveals.

To benefit from DevOps implementation, security and dev teams must communicate better
Despite the enterprise benefits assured by adopting a DevOps culture, the majority of IT leaders believe communication between IT security and software development must improve greatly to achieve success, a Trend Micro survey reveals.

Migrations represent the number one challenge for database professionals
Migrations are now the number one priority for database professionals, a new Redgate report reveals.

Protect privacy and provide secure mobile access to corporate data
In this Help Net Security podcast, Mike Campin, VP of Engineering at Wandera, talks about how their solution solves a problem that every business is facing today, which is how to fully embrace the mobile and cloud revolution, whilst ensuring that their sensitive corporate data remains safe.

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