New infosec products of the week: October 18, 2019

Pradeo Secure Private Store facilitates and expands safe BYOD usage

Pradeo launched a unique Secure Private Store solution that allows organizations to distribute mobile services to their collaborators (public and private apps, documents), that they can freely use under the condition that their device does not bear any threat.

infosec products October 2019

Elastic blends SIEM and endpoint security into a single solution for real-time threat response

Elastic Endpoint Security is based on Elastic’s acquisition of Endgame. Now, when users deploy a data collection agent for Elastic SIEM, they can protect the endpoint simultaneously and remove the inefficiency of multiple solutions that can’t respond in time to prevent damage and loss.

infosec products October 2019

CounterFlow AI launches ThreatEye, an open, scalable AIOps platform

ThreatEye seamlessly integrates on-premise and public cloud infrastructures so that analysts benefit from the greater agility, visibility and scalability of public cloud services while getting the performance and cost benefits of the private cloud.

infosec products October 2019

Symantec Endpoint Security delivers protection, detection and response in a single solution

Symantec Endpoint Security is designed to meet the needs of every type of organization, with Symantec experts providing proactive managed threat hunting, remote investigations, and pre-authorized remediation for organizations that can’t or don’t want to manage these key capabilities themselves.

infosec products October 2019

Trustwave Security Testing Services connects organizations to security resources

Trustwave Security Testing Services is a portfolio that gives enterprises and government agencies the ability to acquire, apply and manage security scanning and testing across diverse environments through a single dashboard.

infosec products October 2019

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