New infosec products of the week: June 5, 2020

Checkmarx SCA: New SaaS-based software composition analysis solution

CxSCA leverages Checkmarx’s source code analysis and automation capabilities, empowering security and development teams to identify vulnerabilities within open source software that present the greatest risk and enable developers to focus and prioritize remediation efforts accordingly.

infosec products June 2020

Zyxel launches USG FLEX series of mid-range firewalls for SMBs

Zyxel’s new USG FLEX 100, USG FLEX 200 and USG FLEX 500 firewalls feature upgraded hardware and software power that level up SMB security with up to 125 percent of firewall performance and up to an additional 500 percent Unified Threat Management performance.

infosec products June 2020

New BitSight capabilities enable more effective third-party cyber risk management

BitSight announced several new, innovative capabilities within its BitSight for Third-Party Risk Management solution that provide intelligent recommendations, operational guidance, and risk prioritization to enable more effective third-party cyber risk management.

infosec products June 2020

Nyxeia helps you manage assets and data privacy protection requirements

Nyxeia announced new releases of its Information Governance Suite products. These releases include major updates to the .discover and .policy products used for information search, enhancement, and full lifecycle governance. Also included is a new product called .preserve for digital asset preservation, legal hold, and defensible disposition.

infosec products June 2020

Lumu helps security teams minimize alert fatigue, prioritize response, and accelerate remediation

Lumu announced a new Compromise Context capability that offers robust contextual intelligence around confirmed compromise instances, enabling security teams to deploy accelerated incident response efforts with precision. This new contextual functionality is included as part of the Lumu Insights platform, a cloud-based solution.

infosec products June 2020

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