Product showcase: Pentest Robots

Security testing automation is not about building tech to replace humans. We don’t adhere to that limiting view because it fails to capture the complexity and depth of security testing.

Instead, we believe automation should enhance uniquely human abilities such as critical thinking and subjective judgment.

A good pentester can never be replaced by a robot. But a robot can make them exponentially more effective.

Here’s what we mean.

How Pentest Robots work

Security pros testing deliver outstanding work because they use expertize to see what others don’t, to identify unusual flaws, or chain seemingly unrelated vulnerabilities. There’s no way to automate that.

However, robots are better for a range of tasks, including repetitive, manual work, eliminating time spent writing scripts to chain tools, organize findings, etc.

Pentest Robots

We built Pentest Robots to give infosec specialists more time to do work they enjoy, creating more value for their customers and advancing their professional growth.

Let’s see how it works.

TL;DR Pentest robots run multiple tools and features from in automated sequences you design in a drag & drop visual editor. Scan your targets with robots to eliminate repetitive tasks, waiting times, and manual steps included in every pentest. They also free up team members to handle more customers and ensure consistent results across engagements.

Run multiple tools and features

When you drag & drop tools and logic blocks, you create a testing flow that chains our tools based on your know-how and approach. In the background, the visual flow turns into a script that runs the tools automatically, giving you full visibility over progress and results. Set conditions so specific findings trigger deeper, more focused scans.

Plus, you can work with the findings while the pentest robot keeps running subsequent tests.

Pentest Robots

Pentest Robots include a Robotic Process Automation layer developed in-house, so you retain full control over testing stages. You can modify or improve robots anytime, reusing them against across targets and engagements.

Junior and senior pentesters can use them in simple or complex pentesting flows to consistently apply testing methodologies.

Pentest Robots

“At first we thought you were planning to leave pentesters without a job and replace us with robots. Joking aside, we believe this feature can indeed help us automate manual tasks and save time. Seeing how intuitive it is and how it provides a clear audit trail showed me it’s very promising if further improved.”

Michael Botnik, Founder and CEO at Integrity Consulting & Risk Management, is one of our heavy users. His straightforward feedback keeps us focused on building features that make a difference.

We developed Pentest Robots for people like him and like you.

6 Pentest Robots you can run right now

We’ve created six Pentest Robots you can use the moment you log into

  • Domain Recon Robot – Discovers all subdomains of a target domain. Continues with full port scanning and service discovery. For each web port, it does recon to gather technologies and take screenshots. It aggregates all the data in the unified Attack Surface view.

Domain Recon Robot

  • Auto HTTP Login Bruteforcer Robot – Identifies all the target host’s web ports. For each (80, 443, 8080, 8443, etc.), it runs the URL Fuzzer using a list of common web interface URLs. It runs the Password Auditor on each login interface found to identify weak, common credentials.

Pentest Robots

  • Website Scanner – All Ports Robot – Identifies all the target host’s web ports (80, 443, 8080, 8081, anything which speaks http/s). It does a full Website Scan for each, searching for SQL injection, XSS, OS command injection, and other OWASP Top 10 vulns. Finally, it compiles a report with the findings.

Website Scanner

Other pre-built Pentest Robots include: Treasure Hunter (domain), Treasure Hunter (host), and Full WordPress Scan.

Running these ready-to-use Pentest Robots makes it easy to get familiar with how they work. It’s also one of the fastest ways to gain more time to deal with complex attack vectors and apply your higher-level abilities and know-how.

5 facts about Pentest Robots

To recap, Pentest Robots are:

  • Easy to build – drag & drop tools blocks and logic blocks to replicate previously manual flows
  • Highly customizable – combine our tools with your logic to design robots that match your methodology
  • Plug & play – they’re web-based, not dependent on any platform, require no code or maintenance
  • An effective way to automate 80% of your manual work – eliminate repetitive tasks, waiting times, and manual steps
  • Perfect for maintaining testing consistency – anyone in the team can (re)use them across engagements, no matter their experience level.

End-to-end automation is the wrong approach to scale security testing if you want to deliver outstanding work. Pentest Robots make automation much more flexible, achievable, and beneficial for everyone involved.

Ready to try them? Explore the platform subscription options to get access to Pentest Robots and the other 25+ security testing tools and features on

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