New infosec products of the week: March 26, 2021

Red Piranha’s Crystal Eye XDR 4.0 features advanced protection and threat detection

Red Piranha launched Crystal Eye Extended Detection and Response (XDR) 4.0. They have taken the original and industry-leading XDR platform and enhanced it with the inclusion of SASE Cloud, streamlined Object Policy Control, integrated incident response and digital forensic services, and have boosted their Automated Actionable Intelligence capabilities.

infosec products March 2021

Cloudflare introduces Magic WAN with Magic Firewall to protect customers’ networks

Magic WAN with Magic Firewall gives customers of all sizes a one-stop-shop to connect and secure data, devices, offices, cloud networks, and more without relying on hardware boxes. Magic WAN is a SaaS solution that connects any traffic source to Cloudflare’s global network for secure, fast connectivity, and Magic Firewall integrates with it to enforce security rules across all traffic.

infosec products March 2021

Noction Intelligent Routing Platform 3.11 features the remote-triggered blackholing capability

Noction Intelligent Routing Platform 3.11 focuses on the new remote-triggered blackholing feature, which allows the redirection of traffic to a non-existent resource (a so-called black hole), or the blocking of the unwanted traffic in a provider’s network, thus preventing such traffic from entering the IRP user’s network.

infosec products March 2021

IBM launches new and enhanced services to simplify hybrid cloud security

IBM Security announced new and enhanced services designed to help organizations manage their cloud security strategy, policies and controls across hybrid cloud environments. The services bring together cloud-native, IBM and third-party technologies along with IBM expertise to help organizations create a unified security approach across their cloud ecosystems.

infosec products March 2021

Entrust IIDaaS issues physical and digital IDs using a single platform

Entrust announced its Instant ID as a Service (IIDaaS) solution. This cloud-based software offers a simple, secure, adaptable and efficient way to issue physical and digital IDs using a single, easy-to-use platform. The software has the ability to issue a physical ID (card) and a digital ID (mobile flashpass) at the same time.

infosec products March 2021

Baffle Data Protection Services deliver Hold Your Own Key data protection for Snowflake Data Cloud

Baffle announced that its Data Protection Services is now available to enable data de-identification with customer-owned keys for Snowflake Data Cloud. Without any code changes or performance impact on the user experience, Snowflake customers can now leverage Baffle’s transparent data protection layer to secure their entire data pipeline as source data is migrated to Snowflake and used for data analytics.

infosec products March 2021

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