Seventh Knight launches AppMoat360 to combat ransomware and zero day attacks

Seventh Knight has developed an embedded solution with the MaaS360 technology powered by IBM.

The solution helps clients secure their enterprise networks from ransomware and zero day attacks, while also providing protection to clients of any size through its MSSP reseller program and direct sales initiative.

Seventh Knight announced AppMoat360, a UEM Security Service to provide control and security over the growing number of mobile and IoT devices, as well as to most Microsoft Windows environments, including Windows 10, 7, XP, Virtualized, and Server variants, which is critical to clients running a mix of modern and legacy systems.

AppMoat360 will automatically isolate both new and unknown threats on current generation as well as legacy Windows endpoints and servers, while a human engineer vets code integrity for the customer.

The combination of AppMoat360 with a primary endpoint protection product provides true defense in depth. The addition of MaaS360 to AppMoat expands the protection and management capabilities to every OS and mobile device within an organization.

“Having IBM as an Embedded Solutions Partner is an important addition to Seventh Knight’s strategy to provide the highest quality products and services that specifically address ransomware and zero-day threats to our clients,” said Luke Koestler, CEO of Seventh Knight, Inc.

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