StorONE S1:Azure minimizes TCO of Azure storage

StorONE announced S1:Azure, which is available immediately. S1:Azure is a storage solution that minimizes the total cost of ownership (TCO) of Azure storage while also reducing the customer’s entire Azure investment, making the cloud more affordable.

“We are pleased to see the StorONE offering available to Azure customers. It provides organizations the ability to seamlessly move existing applications to Azure cloud and continue to benefit from the enterprise feature set they deploy on-premises, like snapshots, auto-tiering, and replication.

StorONE has done an outstanding job of testing and validation to bring a solution to Azure that enhances our platform without sacrificing the performance or reliability that customers need,” said Karl Rautenstrauch, Principal Program Manager for Azure Storage at Microsoft.

S1:Azure use cases

S1:Azure is a cloud enterprise storage solution that runs natively on Azure Infrastructure. Customers can create cost-effective Cloud DR and archive for on-premises workloads. They can leverage its platform capabilities to create a hybrid cloud to navigate sudden peak demands by returning only changed data back on-premises.

They can leverage maximum data protection to confidently migrate block (iSCSI) and file applications (NFS/SMB) to run permanently in Azure.

“I am delighted to partner with Microsoft to bring the advantages of StorONE technology to Azure users. StorONE is the only storage company that delivers an Enterprise Storage Platform with maximum data protection at a minimum TCO,” said Gal Naor, CEO and Co-Founder of StorONE.

Four keys to minimum Azure TCO

S1:Azure powers cloud applications with a minimum TCO across their entire Azure investment:

  • S1:Azure minimizes Azure TCO by delivering high performance from compute instances that are significantly less expensive and require less memory than competing solutions.
  • S1:Azure supports all Azure Managed Disks and automatically moves inactive data to lower-cost tiers.
  • Organizations can also quickly and safely power down unneeded S1:Azure instances when not in use.
  • S1:Azure is a platform, not a point solution. Instead of forcing customers to purchase and operate multiple cloud storage solutions, it consolidates databases and applications via iSCSI and unstructured data via NFS/SMB/S3.

Maximum data protection

S1:Azure lowers Azure TCO while providing maximum data protection. S1:Azure includes StorONE’s snapshot technology at no additional charge. Cloud Operators can apply unlimited, frequent, and space-efficient snapshots for backup, ransomware protection, and versioning of mission-critical data.

StorONE’s cascading replication continuously updates DR copies in other Azure regions or on-premises. Maximum data protection enables moving to the cloud with complete confidence.

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