What is challenging cloud native policy management?

Nirmata announced a report that features an analysis of the current cloud native policy management market adoption, including the technologies used and the challenges that organizations face.

cloud native policy management

The study surveyed over 600 IT professionals who are using Kubernetes. The survey highlights that nearly 50 percent of users in cloud native environments have adopted some level of policy management solution in their Kubernetes environment.

The state of cloud native policy management

  • Nearly 50% of respondents reported having policy enforcement deployed in production; another 17% have deployed it into non-production environments; 30% indicated they are experimenting with it; and 6% reported no adoption.
  • The top use case for policy management is for Kubernetes Admission Control (more than 31%); followed by application authorization (more than 24% of respondents).
  • Despite its relatively recent introduction, Kyverno is being rapidly adopted with nearly 10% of respondents reporting they are using it for Policy enforcement.
  • Configuration management, a driver of policy management adoption, ranked third in security tools that are adopted today, and fourth in organization’s future for adoption.
  • Nearly 40% of respondents say budget is their top challenge to advance their policy management maturity; followed by more than 34% who say lack of skill sets.


“Our report findings showcase how current policy management is reaching a tipping point to broad adoption – regardless of industry or development team size,” said Ritesh Patel, VP of Products, Nirmata.

“Yet we know that some businesses continue to face critical challenges in realizing its full value due to shortcomings in application reliability, security and efficiency. To generate value requires DevSecOps teams to gain visibility into what’s happening in each cluster and implement necessary guardrails as the organization scales – and that requires a policy management solution built to handle the scale and complexity of Kubernetes environments. Kyverno, a CNCF project and a Kubernetes-native policy engine addresses these challenges elegantly.”

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