Devastating breaches apparently still not enough for organizations to prioritize endpoint security

Action1 released a report based on feedback from 491 IT professionals worldwide. The study explores the extent to which organizations plan to prioritize endpoint security and management practices in order to combat the growing cyber threats facing the modern hybrid workforce.

prioritize endpoint security

The report reveals that, despite the flood of devastating breaches and software vulnerabilities in 2021, few organizations are focused on enhancing their security posture and operational resilience.

The state of endpoint security

  • Only 41% of organizations plan to invest in endpoint vulnerability prevention, detection, and mitigation in 2022.
  • Just 34% will focus on eliminating risky legacy software that they have replaced with cloud alternatives.
  • 33% of organizations will prioritize implementing or improving zero trust and multi-factor authentication (MFA).
  • 27% plan to reduce IT management spending.
  • 25% will phase out manual approaches to endpoint management; 22% of those organizations will turn to cloud-based RMM tools.

“Given the current global economic situation, it is understandable that many organizations are focused on driving business instead of improving endpoint security,” said Alex Vovk, CEO at Action1.

“However, this strategy is quite risky, given that the average cost of a data breach now exceeds $3.8M and most attacks involve endpoints. A more balanced approach is to seek out cost-effective solutions that streamline vulnerability management and other critical security tasks.”

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