Product showcase: Passwork – the best solution for work with corporate passwords

Passwork aims to enable efficient and secure working processes through the automated management of passwords and corporate accounts.

Quickly access all employee credentials. Local system administrators are tasked with monitoring and controlling employee access, behaviors and privileges.

With Passwork, the opportunities are endless:

  • Manage corporate accounts and passwords from a central point, via a smart and intuitive interface;
  • Create team folders and receive reports, making teamwork a piece of cake;
  • Add passwords from any resources manually or import them from a file;
  • Quickly reach passwords and their history from any device with well-structured storage.

Who is Passwork for?

Passwork is sure to benefit companies of any size from any specialty. The solution is flexible, and works by tailoring itself to the needs of each company; there is no one-size-fits-all and the team at Passwork understand that. The platform comes in a few flavors:

For enterprises – with SSO (single sign-on) authorization, users are able to assemble from a single portal without authentication. Here, you’ll find clustering with a failover solution, multi-branch capacities, an intuitive and functional interface and fantastic integration support.

For large businesses – with unique user rights management, supervisors may access multiple files and sectors on behalf of those who don’t have the required permissions. AD/LDAP integration may also allow the import of users and their logins from other corporate systems. Not to mention localization support, priority tech support and GDPR compliance.

For IT teams – aimed at ensuring the maximum level of privacy and security, Passwork offers its API out to IT teams who are looking to integrate the system with the company’s own infrastructure.

Key features


Passwork provides you with total control over your passwords, namely with the ability to automatically detect old, weak or compromised passwords. Indeed, a complete view of each password’s history is available on demand, while the local administrator holds the ability to set custom permissions for vaults and folders. Role-based access, moreover, is vital to security as it protects sensitive information from new or low-ranked employees.


Eliminate unsecured, old, weak or compromised passwords


Any solution for businesses has to make itself instrumental to good teamwork. That’s why Passwork lets you create collective vaults, invite teammates and share folders and passwords with other members of your team. This makes team projects a whole lot faster and easier, especially when dealing with remote workers or third party freelancers and specialists.

Invite colleagues

Invite colleagues to shared folders, manage user rights and get reports on all activities

A best-in-class user interface

Passwords are stored with structure in mind; it’s never been easier to locate the one you’re looking for. You can import or export passwords from a variety of sources, websites and apps easily; the system can remember passwords and input them automatically.


Create a convenient folder-based structure for storing passwords

Passwork – Self-Hosted 5.0

Passwork’s latest update came with some notable upgrades. The system may now handle a load of more than 20,000 users. Moreover, the system has been optimized in terms of appearance and functionality. There are now new access rights windows, while the vault and folder settings panel has been revamped.

The ability to see quickly who accessed vaults and folders has also been implemented. This quick view also invites you to take a look at the number of users, their roles, links and passwords that have been sent.

Next, one may now grant users access to passwords without having to add them to the entire vault. This is incredibly convenient, as previously, you would have needed to send the password in copy to grant access.

There are also some new functions related to tracking activity. Now, the activity log lists failed access attempts. Of course, this helps to track unauthorized access attempts and blocked user actions.

Passwork also offers a mobile version that is available for Android and IOS devices. This is a great option for companies who are focused on coordinating effective work.

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