AppOmni receives funding from Cisco Investments to expand SaaS coverage

AppOmni announced that Cisco Investments has made a strategic investment in the company. This investment will help propel product development and accelerate the company’s roadmap. AppOmni is expanding its security capabilities to cover additional SaaS applications including Snowflake, HubSpot, Cisco’s Duo Security, and Veeva.

The company is also adding functionality to the AppOmni Developer Platform, which enables universal coverage for any SaaS application or custom application and is currently in use by both customers and partners.

AppOmni will be demonstrating all of its new product functionality at Black Hat USA 2022.

“We’re thrilled that Cisco Investments has chosen to invest in AppOmni as we continue to educate and grow the SaaS security market,” said Brendan O’Connor, CEO and co-founder of AppOmni. “I’m also incredibly proud of our rapid product momentum and our expansion of coverage across all standard and custom SaaS applications. I invite anyone interested in learning about the advancements in SaaS security to stop by our booth at Black Hat.”

“Customers have increasing requirements for in-app protection, continuous monitoring, and security controls in SaaS environments,” said Janey Hoe, vice president, Cisco Investments. “In addition to identifying and mapping SaaS apps in an enterprise environment, AppOmni’s platform delivers an innovative approach for continuous trusted access throughout SaaS sessions.”

AppOmni delivers centralized visibility, data access management, and security controls for any app, including Box, GitHub, Google Workspace, Jira, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Slack, Workday, Zoom, and many more.

AppOmni protects more than 82 million users across a broad range of SaaS platforms and has secured more than 260 million exposed data records. The company’s SaaS security management software provides cost savings by speeding up development processes and enabling security and IT teams to secure more of their tech stacks with fewer resources.

The AppOmni Developer Platform extends AppOmni’s SaaS security expertise, insights, and continuous monitoring to all SaaS applications, including custom SaaS apps built in-house.

“The Developer Platform is addressing the market demand for a comprehensive security control layer for any application, either SaaS or custom,” said Harold Byun, Chief Product Officer at AppOmni. “We have customers who have rapidly built support for custom apps on the platform, as well as multiple systems integrators adopting the AppOmni Developer Platform to support enterprise applications and SaaS platforms for their customers.”

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