DigiCert helps companies improve vulnerability management and cryptoagility strategies

DigiCert announced its next generation Discovery, a set of key capabilities in DigiCert Trust Lifecycle Manager that enable customers to build a centralized book of record of their cryptographic keys and certificates.

This centralized view, when coupled with management and automated provisioning and renewal, improves cryptoagility, reducing the time and resources needed to update algorithms, rotate keys and certificates and remediate threats.

“The majority of organizations have not yet implemented a centralized crypto-management solution,” said DigiCert CPO Deepika Chauhan. “This is becoming critical now, as IT leaders consider how to transition their cryptographic algorithms and certificates to quantum-safe standards in order to protect their organizations against ‘harvest now, decrypt later’ strategies.”

In a recent Gartner report, Senior Director Analyst Brian Lowans wrote, “All cryptographic technologies will need to evolve to cope with the future threat of quantum computing, which is increasing the need for innovative technologies such as crypto-agility, postquantum cryptography and quantum key distribution.”

Trust Lifecycle Manager Discovery employs a broad set of methods for finding certificates within an organization, including integration with private CAs, such as AWS Private CA and Microsoft CA, integration with vulnerability management solutions such as Qualys and Tenable, integrations with web servers and load balancers, and port-based scanning.

“The integration of Qualys Vulnerability Management, Discovery and Response (VMDR) and DigiCert products enables our customers to manage and automate the cryptographic assets that they discover in their vulnerability scans,” said Pinkesh Shah, CPO, Qualys. “This seamless integration enables companies to tightly couple their vulnerability management and cryptoagility strategies, improving their security posture and agility while reducing their cyber risk.”

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